How many of you remember the national music publication Cashbox Magazine? I'm sure many of you do. For those of you who don't, Cashbox Magazine was a weekly national music publication that was published from July 1942 through November 1996; a span of 54 years! Over the span of those 54 years, Cashbox became a staple in the music industry and the good news; it’s back! The new owners of Cashbox have an aggressive plan to return this American classic to the status it enjoyed during its 54 year run. So, what does this have to do with Beach Music? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I am pleased to announce that Cashbox Magazine has agreed to publish the official Top 20 Beach Music Singles chart as provided to them by The Top 20 Beach Music Singles chart will be published on a monthly basis and will be provided to Cashbox Magazine each month after the Smokin' 45 is compiled. Cashbox has agreed to publish the Top 20 singles for now, but may at a later date publish the entire Smokin' 45. They have also agreed to publish CD reviews as provided by Beachmusic45 and Neal "Soul Dog" Furr

Why is this important to Beach Music? I think the answers are obvious; but it allows Beach Music to reach people who may not be familiar with our genre of music, as well as placing our chart alongside the Top Popular Singles, Top Popular Albums, Top R&B Singles, Top R&B Albums, Top Country Singles, and Top Country Album charts; as well as all of the other charts Cashbox publishes. It also gets Beach Music in a national publication; which will be a benefit to all of us; and should go a long way toward helping Beach Music get that ever so coveted category at the Grammy Awards.

At the present time, Cashbox is only operating online; but has an aggressive plan to be publishing a print magazine on a Bi-Weekly basis by the end of this year. To visit their website, visit and select the Charts option and you will go to the charts page where you will see all of the charts that Cashbox publishes. The Beach Music Singles chart is located in the Monthly Charts section. If you want to go directly to the Top Beach Music Singles chart, visit us.

When you get to the Beach Music Singles chart page, you can click on the artist name and it will bring up a bio and picture of the artist; again more exposure for the artists of our music. A couple of things to note about the chart: The months on chart, last month, and peak position are based upon the Cashbox chart; not the amount of time or peak on The Smokin' 45. Also, the discography section of the artists bio is just the discography of the albums associated with the songs that have appeared on Cashbox; not the entire artist discography.

As I mentioned earlier, Cashbox has also agreed to publish reviews of our music as provided by Neal "Soul Dog" Furr. The first two reviews submitted, as selected by the President and CEO of Cashbox, are reviews of Jim Quick and Coastlines new CD "Sneakin Out Back" and Rickey Godfrey's CD "Once In A Lifetime Love". To view these reviews, go to the reviews page of the website; at the top of the page you can select a genre to view; select "Beach Music" and you will be taken directly to the Rickey Godfrey review; scroll down a few reviews and you will see the Jim Quick and Coastline review.

Cashbox also rotates their magazine covers; and as you can see in the picture above, Mighty Mike Schermer graced the cover of Cashbox on March 12th of this year, along with Nelly Furtado; not bad company to share a cover with!

I have waited to make this announcement because there were a few bugs to be worked out with Cashbox, but as of today, most of those have been corrected and Beach Music is an integral part of the Cashbox family. I hope all of you are as excited about this as I am. This is a tremendous opportunity for our music, and a big step toward gaining our music the national attention it deserves!


Craig Fleming